Adult Muay Thai Classes

Although our adult classes have a mixed range of students and skill levels, there are foundational prerequisites required.  They consist of – the will to grow and learn, an attitude of contribution and value to your team and community, and the desire to maintain a consistency of practice.  These commonalities can be seen in all of our members as a bonding support system as they get stronger mentally and physically.    

The Muay Thai framework and our style of teaching does not only serve the young of age or highly-driven competitors, but it holds great benefit to all groups of people.  It is our aim and promise to create a class filled with like-minded people, a group of unshakeable individuals, forged together by the developed qualities of COURAGE, HUMILITY, and DISCIPLINE.

Because we choose specific clients for this class, please send us an email to apply.  From there, we will schedule your first trial and the rest is history!



“Canada is very fortunate to have someone of Artur’s skill level building Muay Thai talent.

Gabriel Varga (six-times professional Kick boxing World Champion and K-1, Glory & Bellator Champion)