Kids Muay Thai Classes


At World Class Muay Thai we aspire to teach kids about life. We aspire to prepare them for life. We aspire to show them their true nature of courage, humility, and resilience. Muay Thai practice for kids will give them confidence, teach them courage, and show them how to find the tools needed to work well with others. Life skills they will carry with them in whatever they do. This is our goal. Come be a part of it!

There is also new opportunity for kids to take this sport to the next level – to be the trailblazers of the sport in Canada! With recent recognition into the Olympics, there are huge happenings occurring world-wide around competing for these youngsters. What an exciting time for Muay Thai!

In our kids program, students will learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai in a fun and safe environment packaged with martial art virtues such as resilience, self-discipline and humility. These kids will learn how to defend and keep themselves safe all the while discovering the power they hold within their bodies and minds. They will learn life skills that they can carry with them beyond practice. These classes are twice a week and are custom-made to the students based on skill level and experience.


“Artur Nowacki is one of the best trainers that i have had the honor of meeting


Sean Kearney: first north america MAX Muay Thai & Thai Fights winner