Jessica Gladstone


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Jessica has fought the top girls in the world and has travelled far and wide to do so. She touched gloves with the former UFC Champion from Poland, Joanna Jendrzejczyk, in Bangkok, Thailand, and travelled to Perth, Australia, in a tenacious battle for the WMC Intercontinental Title with multi-time World Champion Caley Reece. She faced off against absolute femme warriors in England’s two-time European and five-time World Champion, Alexis Rufus, and one of Germany’s sensationally seasoned fighters, Meryem Uslu.

Jessica showcased on the most prestigious K-1 Kickboxing show to date called Glory. This promotion is televised to over a hundred countries world-wide, with only the best fighters of the world in performance. On this show, she touched gloves with Germany’s highly touted and nearly undefeated fighter, Daniela Graf, at Glory 33 in New Jersey, USA. This spectacular feat earned her a semi-final spot in a Super-Four Elimination tournament, for the first ever, Glory Super Bantamweight Women’s World Title. And with vivacious expression, she subsequently faced off against American famed fighter Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest at Glory 36 ‘Collision’ in Oberhausen, Germany. This event was said to be the biggest Glory show to date, with over 15,000 people watching and broadcasted all over the world.

• 2002 WKA Canadian Lightweight Kickboxing Title

• 2003 WKA Canadian Lightweight Kickboxing Title – defense

• 2003 WKA Canadian Super Lightweight Golden Gloves Champion

• 2008 IKF World Classic Lightweight Muay Thai Champion

• 2012 LBTM North American Super Bantamweight Muay Thai Champion

• 2016 IFMA World Tournament contender

• 2016/17 Glory Super Bantamweight Tournament qualifier

• 2017 WKU World Lightweight Kickboxing Title contender

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