Why Us?

World Class or Nothing !

A strong Muay Thai practice requires Courage, Humility and Discipline. Whether our students aim to become world class athletes or simply to improve themselves through our established framework, we promise to deliver results in a cultivated and safe environment of acceptance and understanding. With expertise that has been tested for over two decades, we strive to bring out what’s best in every individual and to inspire them to discover the untapped courage they hold within.

We wish to open eyes to the potential one holds, how they may be pulling back in life – how to teach their kids, to lead them and walk beside them with confidence through the many obstacles that undeniably happen in life. The practice of Muay Thai holds many lessons that transfer directly to the battles we face in everyday life. It is a framework, it is not easy, but it is worth every minute of effort.

It takes work, but you are worth it”


Your team:

Artur Nowacki

Father of two and considered one of the few “World Class Trainers” by the late legendary Sangtiennoi Sor. Rungroj (Lumpinee, Raja, and World WMC Champion), Artur Nowacki is well known for his coaching abilities and Muay Thai expertise. With students in over 14 countries from many different cultural backgrounds, he is well known for his unique and one-of-a-kind ability to take complete beginners to top skill levels within a very short period of time.

His students had the privilege to face great competitors like:

  • Saenchai – one of the greatest fighters of all times

  • Superbon – multiple muay thai champion and kickboxing world champion

  • Manachai – multiple muay thai champion

  • Sangmanee – multiple muay thai champion

  • Superlek – multiple muay thai champion

Jessica Gladstone

As an instructor Jessica values resilience and aims to inspire others. She loves to work with everyone, but particularly sees the benefit of training kids.

These youngsters these days need a role model and something to aspire to. With Muay Thai being accepted into the Olympics, it gives these little warriors something to train for while at the same time giving them life skills they will forever take with them.”

Jessica Gladstone first came upon contact sports at the early age of 16. Since then she has accrued 42 fights competing professionally all over the world. Performing against the world’s best such as:

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (UFC World Champion)

Caley Reece (Multi-time Muay thai World Champion)

Tiffany Van Soest (GLORY Kickboxing World Champion)

Alexis Rufus (Muay Thai World Champion)

Her titles are as follows:

 • 2002 WKA Canadian Lightweight Kickboxing Title

2003 WKA Canadian Lightweight Kickboxing Title – defense

2003 WKA Canadian Super Lightweight Golden Gloves Champion

2008 IKF World Classic Lightweight Muay Thai Champion

2012 LBTM North American Super Bantamweight Muay Thai Champion

2016 IFMA World Tournament contender

2016/17 Glory Super Bantamweight Tournament qualifier

2017 WKU World Lightweight Kickboxing Title contender 

World class or nothing!